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Paper Tube and Core Production Line


Salient Features:-

  • Higher output
  • Extra strong tubes
  • Electronic proportional control system for winding
  • speed adjustment
  • Rapidly interchangeable mandrels
  • Pneumatic control of winding belt tension
  • Built-in control panel with remote station.



Paper Tube Winder with Multi Cutter for Kitchen Foil Tubes

This versatile spiral Paper Tube Winder is to deliver high output of pre-cut cores for toilet tissue winding, kitchen foil winding etc.

Fully Automatic Textile Tube Making Machine
with Automatic Recutter and Finishing Machine


Salient Features:-

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Easy interchangeability of toolings
  • Highly suitable for DTY Tubes production

Paper Tube Winder

This machine is used to manufacture thin, medium walled paper tubes and cores for tissue rolls, fax rolls etc.

  • Output : Up to 15 mts/min. depending upon the sizes of the tube
  • Minimum inner diameter : 25 mm
  • Maximum inner diameter : 100 mm
  • Maximum wall thickness : 5 mm

Paper Core Winder

This heavy duty Spiral Paper Core winder is suitable to produce thick walled cores for various applications like reel cores, film winding cores, carpet cores etc.

This machine is easy to operate and maintain. The cutting carriage moves on a free slide rails synchronized with the main tube winder. The online fine cutting unit delivers burr free cores without dust and noise generation.

Technical Specifications:
Output : Up to 15 mts/min. depending upon the sizes of the tube
Minimum inner diameter : 25 mm
Maximum inner diameter : 300 mm
Maximum wall thickness : 16 mm


Automatic Tube Finishing Machine

This automatic Tube Finishing Machine is suitable for finishing textile yarn carriers like DTY and POY tubes and fitted with automatic tube transfer mechanism.

  • Multiple operations
  • Both ends polishing
  • One end curling & other end polishing
  • Smooth, simple operations
  • Easy interchangeability of toolings
  • Thread notch depth angles & reference are easily adjustable

Heavy Duty Slitter Rewinder ETS 2000

Technical Specifications :-

Maximum parent reel width (approx) : 2000mm
Parent reel outer diameter (approx) : 1300mm
Slit reel outer diameter (maximum) approx : 1300mm
Minimum slitting width : 75mm
Maximum cutting stations : 27 Nos
Output Speed (approx) : 100 metres per minute depending on the quality of the raw material size etc
Parent Paper Reel Loading : Automatic
Parent Paper Reel Clamping : Automatic
Unloading of slitted reel : Automatic
Maximum weight of the parent reel (approx) : Within 800 Kgs
GSM Range : 100 GSM to 600 GSM
Paper Core Size : 3” Both Unwind and Rewind station
Total Power (approx) : 13 KW
Air Supply requirement : 6 Bar (100 lpm)


Main Features

  • Automatic unloading and dropping of slit paper reels.
  • Hydraulic type reel loading, lifting and shifting arrangement.
  • Trim waste removal system
  • Shaftless paper reel clamping
  • Numerical braking system for tension control


Parallel Tube Winder

Highly suitable for producing tubes for sewing thread, gun cartridges, pyrotechnic tubes (fireworks tubes) incense stick, packing tubes etc.

Technical specifications of our machine

Output : Around 20 tubes per minute of Length around 280mm
Min Inner Dia : 8 mm
Max.Inner Dia : 32 mm
Minimum length : 50 mm
Maximum length : 275 mm
Min & Maximum wall Thickness : 1 mm to 3 mm
Power : 5 KW
Operator : 1 Person



Ultra Heavy Duty model for Construction Cores

This model is highly suitable for producing larger diameter cores for construction pillars, storage cores etc.